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How to Prevent Rust on the Linear Guides in Linear Modules?


Latest company news about How to Prevent Rust on the Linear Guides in Linear Modules?


Linear guides are used to support and guide the movement of components in linear modules. Manufacturers apply a layer of rust preventive oil on the guides during production. When installing the equipment, avoid direct contact with the guides using sweaty hands.


To ensure that linear guides operate smoothly without rust for an extended period, regular maintenance is essential. Add lubricating oil with the appropriate viscosity as a benchmark, replenishing grease every 100 kilometers of operation. Start by cleaning off old oil and dirt, then wipe the guide's surface and ball groove with a lint-free cloth. Apply lubricating oil (viscosity: 30-150cst) directly to the guide's surface. The amount of lubrication varies with the travel distance. Especially for long travels, you can increase the frequency of lubrication or the amount of grease to ensure an oil film on the rolling surface until the end of the travel.


In environments where coolant may splash, lubricating oil can mix with the coolant, leading to emulsification or washout of the lubricant, significantly reducing lubrication performance. In such cases, please use high viscosity (kinematic viscosity: approximately 68cst) and high emulsion-resistant lubricants, and adjust the lubrication frequency or grease amount accordingly.


If not in use for an extended period, store the linear modules in a room at room temperature and keep corrosive substances away. Also, regularly add rust-preventing lubricating oil within two months, as the rust preventive oil applied during manufacturing may evaporate.

Proper lubrication of linear guides in linear modules is crucial. It helps create an oil film on the rolling surface, reducing surface stress and extending the fatigue life of the rolling elements. It also reduces friction between moving components, preventing scuffing and reducing wear. Insufficient lubrication can increase friction between the steel balls and the rolling surface during operation, potentially leading to a shortened lifespan."

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