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Single acting cylinders VS double acting cylinder


Latest company news about Single acting cylinders VS double acting cylinder

There are many types of hydraulic cylinders for sale, with these being the four most common:


Single acting hydraulic cylinders produce power when hydraulic fluid enters a single port and flows into the cylinder and causes the cylinder to retract. Also called push cylinders, they feature a single-acting piston that moves in one direction and requires a motor or spring to reset its position.



In double acting hydraulic cylinder models, fluid moves into one port and exits through a second port, forcing the cylinder to retract and extend. With two pressurized chambers, double-acting pistons do not require a spring or motor to operate.


Hydraulic equipment and machines utilize single-acting and double-acting cylinders, and each type has its advantages. Single-acting cylinders are simpler and easier to maintain than double-acting cylinders. However, with more fluid in the pressurized chamber, double-acting actuators are easier for an operator to control.

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