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How to Calibrate Linear Guides After Installation?


Latest company news about How to Calibrate Linear Guides After Installation?


Linear guides are high-precision guide accessories, and their installation and use require careful attention. Otherwise, issues like uneven performance in different directions and decreased accuracy can occur. If a machine needs to replace linear guides, and there are no professional installers available, can amateur individuals handle the installation process? What major problems can arise from installing linear guides without professional expertise?


If linear guides are damaged or if you wish to improve the precision machining capabilities of a machine tool, replacing linear guides is an option. However, how can you achieve better installation results? When installing the linear guides you've purchased, as long as you don't disassemble their internal structure, you should follow the instruction manual and then test the surrounding horizontal level. In most cases, this should work without any issues, but cleanliness is crucial when preparing the installation surface, and dust should not be allowed.


After installing linear guides, some users have noticed a decline in dimensional accuracy after some time of use. Under normal circumstances, this can be attributed to oversight. Guiding products can withstand wear and tear over several years, and some issues are bound to arise. Based on years of installation experience, it's believed that one of the problems during the installation of linear guides is related to balance.


During installation, the general procedure is to first loosely thread the screws on all four sides and gradually tighten them simultaneously. Tightening a single screw at a time can lead to the linear guide becoming unbalanced, resulting in various problems. For instance, dimensional accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and there may be some deviations. To prevent this situation, it's essential to follow the correct installation method."


This translation provides an overview of the content, but for specific technical details and instructions related to linear guide installation and calibration, it's advisable to refer to the manufacturer's documentation and seek professional guidance when necessary.

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