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Square Ball Transmission Guideway With Oil Nozzel For Automation CNC Machine


Latest company news about Square Ball Transmission Guideway With Oil Nozzel For Automation CNC Machine

Product Description:


Ball screw is undoubtedly an ideal drive for CNC machines knowing its features and capabilities. All of this makes ball screw well-known for its high efficiency. Tests and quality inspections are conducted to ensure product efficiency of over 90%. The superior surface quality of the screw ball, its strict size, minimizing the friction between the ball and the track are contributors to the remarkable temperature rise. These features allows achieve high positioning accuracy through presetting and clearance elimination. The superior design and quality manufacturing empower the ball screw of a reliable and speedy operation capability of over 60M/min, along with the ball screw drive pair. Its absolute rigidity is achieved by using superior materials and eliminating clearance. In addition, the ball screw does not show viscous friction making it highly reversible. It is also designed with a special dust protection devise at the nut end that helps to extend the service life. High carbon steel and alloy steel with surface hardness of HRC62 adds reliability and durability to the ball screw. This in turn reduces the need for regular maintenance throughout the long service life to maintain its performance. With its impressive features and capabilities, ball screw is undoubtedly an ideal drive for CNC machines.


When accuracy is of utmost importance, this product is the go-to choice. Boasting maximum motion accuracy of 0.004/1000, it can meet even fast delivery requirements. In addition, it is capable of a single length of up to 6m and works at high speed with low noise. As such, it is widely used in CNC machines, automation and other fields.

The product's incredible accuracy, extended range and quiet operation makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses in different industries. In addition, with normal accuracy that is interchangeable, this product is an ideal solution for many different operations.

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Availability Sample
Application Widely Used In Cnc Machines,Automation And Other Fields
Hardness HRC58
Normal Accuracy Interchangeble
Precision Grade 1,2,3,4,5
Original Maximum Length 6000mm
Lubicating Oil Nozzel
Type With Flange Or Square
Advantage Low Noise
Maximum Motion Accuracy 0.004/1000
Keywords High rigity and speed linear guideway, upside locked linear motion guideway, upside locked linear motion guideway

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