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Supercharged Knife Punch Air Cylinder Working Temperature 0ºC-60ºC Knife To Knife Exchange Super Fast

Supercharged Knife Punch Air Cylinder Working Temperature 0ºC-60ºC Knife To Knife Exchange Super Fast

Supercharged cylinder knife

High Speed cylinder knife

Knife Punch Air Cylinder

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Product Details
High-Speed Knife Punch Air Cylinder
Working Temperature:
0ºC - 60ºC
Directly Mounted Onto The Main Shaft
Improves The Accuracy And Speed
For Mechanical Tool Change More Efficiently
46# Wear Resistance Hydraulic Oil
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Carton and Wooden pallet
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Product Description


1. It is suitable for bell type and type transmission, etc.
2. The product is specially designed for the needs of high-speed cutting.
3. Directly mounted on the main shaft for cutting.

4. Super fast change knife, knife to knife exchange breakthrough within one second.

5. The machine can be detected by the position of the upper and lower loosening of the clamping tool, which improves the accuracy and speed of the mechanical tool change.


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           1)  2)   3)  4)   5)    6)

BMV:Supercharged knife punch pneumatic cylinder
1) Diameter 10:Ø100   12:Ø125
2) Applicable model U:used to MC
3) Oil pressure ratio 11=11:1 12=12:1 16=16:1  25=25:1 30=30:1  39=39:1 51=51:1

M:With hydraulic detection device

N:No hydraulic detection device

5) Spit volume 50cc, 70cc, 110cc, 150cc,etc
6) Mounting type FA:vertical type,LB:horizontal type


Product Description


1.Working pressure: The pump can operate within a pressure range of 0.4 megapascals (MPa) to 0.6 MPa. This can also be expressed as 4 kilograms-force per square centimeter (kgf/cm²) to 6 kgf/cm². The compressed air used to filter the pump should also be within this pressure range.

2.Transmission oil: The pump is designed to work with a specific viscosity grade of oil, which is ISO VG32 or an equivalent viscosity grade.
Working temperature: The pump can operate within a temperature range of 0 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.
Split out quantity: The pump can output four different quantities of oil, which are 150cc, 110cc, 70cc, and 50cc.
Voltage: The pump can operate with three different voltage levels, which are DC24, AC110, and AC220.


Suitable for direct drive spindle, motor built-in spindle, etc., special for high-speed cutting:
The hydraulic motor or spindle is designed to be used in direct drive applications, such as motor built-in spindles.


The motor or spindle is specifically designed for high-speed cutting, indicating that it is capable of operating at high speeds while maintaining its performance and reliability.


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Supercharged Knife Punch Air Cylinder Working Temperature 0ºC-60ºC  Knife To Knife Exchange Super Fast 0

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