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How to choose a cylinder actuator?


Latest company news about How to choose a cylinder actuator?

What is a cylinder actuator?

A cylinder actuator is a mechanical device that converts compressed air or fluid power into motion, driving linear movement with precision. It's essential in automation, enabling machinery to push, pull, lift, or press with controlled force. Intrigued by how this technology powers modern industry? Discover the intricate workings of cylinder actuators and their pivotal role in our next segment.


After determining the application that requires a hydraulic linear actuator, you must consider several factors before selecting the ideal actuator. The planning and design process is vital for operating an efficient hydraulic operation, and the primary elements in the process include:


Calculating Mass: The mass of the object being lifted by hydraulics affects the size and durability of the cylinders.


Determining the physics involved: Are hydraulics needed for a simple pressing operation, or does it involve more complex movements?


Calculating the bore size: Larger barrels can accommodate applications that require significant force and torque.


Selecting the rod size: The length of the cylinder stroke, the bearing load and the rod buckling strength can help determine the appropriate rod size. If standard cylinders are unusable with the bore size, custom cylinders can be manufactured for the ideal fit.


Examining the cushion options: If the hydraulic application requires the cylinder rods to move at high speeds, cushioning can be used at either cylinder end to dampen the impact.

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