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30--50years Lifetime Solar Panel Mounting Frame Anodized For Durability High Weather Resistance

30--50years Lifetime Solar Panel Mounting Frame Anodized For Durability High Weather Resistance

anodized solar panel aluminum frame

high durability solar panel aluminum frame

anodized solar panel aluminium profile


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Product Details
Silver And Black
Weather Resistance
Polished Aluminum Profile:
Sand Blasting
Surface Treatment:
Life Time:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

This Aluminum Frame of Solar Panel is designed to provide structural support for solar panel and solar modules. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with anodizing surface treatment. Its length can be customized from 1722*1134mm and thickness from 4.8 to 6.6mm or 0.85 to 1.5mm. The polished aluminum profile features sand blasting and is available in silver and black color. Solar panel framework made of aluminum is light-weight yet durable and corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for long-term outdoor usage. With its outstanding performance, this aluminum frame of solar panel is ideal for various solar panel and solar module structures, such as aluminum solar panel frame, aluminum support frame and solar panel structure.



  • Product Name: Aluminum Frame Of Solar Panel
  • Surface Treatment: Anodizing
  • Color: Silver And Black
  • Length: 1722*1134mm Customized
  • Size: Customized
  • Life time: 30--50years
  • Solar Panel Framework
  • Solar Panel Aluminum Support
  • Aluminum Structure for Solar Panel

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Technical Specifications
Thickness 4.8--6.6mm/0.85--1.5mm
Size Customized
Performance Highly Corrosion Resistance
Surface Treatment Anodizing
Polished Aluminum Profile Sand Blasting
Feature Weather Resistance
Life Time 30--50years
Color Silver and Black
Strength High
Length 1722*1134mm Customized


The Solar Panel Aluminum Support Frame is designed to provide a highly corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant support structure for solar panels. Its thickness of 4.8-6.6mm or 0.85-1.5mm ensures long-lasting durability and life expectancy of up to 30-50 years. The polished aluminum profile is further enhanced with a sand blasting finish for maximum corrosion resistance. With its superior corrosion resistance and weather resistance, the Solar Panel Aluminum Support Frame is an ideal choice for long term outdoor use.



Aluminum Mounting Frame for Solar Panel

  • Weather Resistance
  • Surface Treatment: Anodizing
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Performance: Highly Corrosion Resistance
  • Size: Customized

Our aluminum mounting frame for solar panel is made of premium aluminum alloy. It is highly corrosion resistance and weather-resistant with anodizing surface treatment. The size can be customized to fit your needs. Get your solar panel framework now!


Support and Services:

Aluminum Frame Of Solar Panel Technical Support and Service

Our team of experts provides technical support and service for the Aluminum Frame Of Solar Panel. We are available to answer any questions you have about our products, and we are happy to provide guidance and advice on installation and maintenance.

We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Help in selecting the right product for your needs
  • Installation and maintenance advice
  • General troubleshooting and technical support
  • Replacement of defective components

If you need help with our products, please contact us via email, telephone, or online chat. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Aluminum Frame Of Solar Panel:

  • The frames will be shrink-wrapped in plastic and securely packaged in a box.
  • The box will be shipped to the customer's designated address via express mail.
  • The box will be labeled with information including the product name and the customer's address.
  • The box will be dropped off at the customer's designated address within 5-7 business days.

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