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High Speed Linear Motion Guideways 12-50mm Diameter Suitable For End Block Return

High Speed Linear Motion Guideways 12-50mm Diameter Suitable For End Block Return

High Speed Ball Bearing Screw

Ball Bearing Screw 12mm

50mm linear motion guide ways


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Product Details
Low Noise And Enduring
Working Method:
Rotating While Axial Movement
Static Load Capacity:
Waist Groove Type:
Metal,suitable For Heavy Load
Dynamic Load Capacity:
Scew Ball Structure:
High Speed And Heavy Load
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

Its main function is to convert rotational motion into linear motion or torque into axial repeated force, while also possessing the characteristics of high precision, reversibility, and efficiency. Due to its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.


In order to improve the working accuracy of the feed system, the ball screw mechanism must have a high transmission stiffness. In addition to increasing the stiffness of the ball screw itself, the ball screw mechanism must be designed with a sufficiently rigid support structure and must be installed correctly. The factors that affect the rigidity of the support structure include the stiffness of the bearing seat, the contact area between the bearing seat and the machine structure, and the stiffness of the bearing.


Installation instructions for ball screw bearings:

Using the installation sleeve, the diameter of the sleeve is the same as the inner ring of the bearing, and the material can be aluminum or copper sleeve to press the inner ring in. If the tolerance is tight or the interference fit is tight, the bearing should be heated. Pay attention to observing the contact angle of the arrow or the rolling element inside the bearing at its complete position. Generally, it is combined back to back or face to face, and finally screw on the locking nut. Retroreflector can not be used for mounting the bearing portions inside the screw.



Ball screw has many excellent features. First of all, it has high efficiency, the rate of which is up to over 90% due to the excellent testing equipment and quality inspection process. Additionally, it has low temperature rise as the superior surface quality of the screw ball track and the strict size of the ball guarantee the lowest friction between the ball and the track. In addition, ball screw comes with high precision and high speed. Its transmission pair achieves high positioning accuracy due to the small temperature rise and measures such as pre tightening and clearance elimination, and it can operate reliably at high speeds above 60M/min. In terms of rigidity, the screw rod and nut have been processed with excellent materials and pre tightening and clearance elimination largely improve the rigidity. Besides, this product has a high reversibility as there is absence of viscous friction between the screw and nut, and the creeping phenomenon in the transmission is eliminated. Offering a low maintenance, this screw features a special dust prevention device at the nut end and no general maintenance is required during operation. Additionally, because of the strict control of the material and surface hardness HRC62 of the screw (high carbon steel) and nut (alloy steel), it provides a long service life.


Technical Parameters:

Parameters Values
Return method End Block And Waist Groove Type
Feature Low Noise And Enduring
Stucture Shaft,screw Nut And Ball Bearing
Working method Rotating While Axial Movement
Diameter 12--50mm
Rigidity 1314N/um--4956N/um
Diameter of installation hole 11-17.5mm
Waist groove type Metal,suitable For Heavy Load
Dynamic load capacity 126tons
Scew ball structure High Speed And Heavy Load
Rolled ball screw Yes
Ball screw shaft with flange nut Yes
Ball lead screw Yes
Heavy load bearing Yes
Low noise Yes


The ball screw is a core component widely used in many industries, such as the industrial machinery, electronic machinery, transmission machinery, aerospace industry and more.

In industrial machinery, the ball screws are widely used in CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC beds, CWC grinding machines, glass machineries, textile machineries, woodworking machineries, printing and packing machineries, petroleum machineries, metallurgical machineries, tobacco machineries and so on.

For electronic machinery, the ball screws are often used in robotic arms, testing machineries, measurement equipments, X-Y platforms, medical equipments, factory automation equipments and much more.

Besides, the ball screws are also used in transmission machineries, such as metal heat treatment equipments, nuclear reaction equipments and actuators. As for aerospace industry, aircraft flap actuator, seat actuator and airport installation equipments may all rely on the aid of ball screws.

Furthermore, they are also commonly used in other areas like radio antenna actuators, door and window control, medical bed control, parking lot equipments, massage chairs and so on.



Customized Linear Motion Guideways

Our Linear Motion Guideways are designed to provide you with a range of options for your specific applications, including:

  • Length: Max.10m
  • End block return: Plastic, suitable for high speed
  • Scew ball structure: High speed and heavy load
  • Diameter of installation hole: 11-17.5mm
  • Dynamic load capacity: 126 tons
  • Ball bearing screw, Single nut ball screw, Rolled ball screw, Double nut ball screw

We are dedicated to providing you with the best Linear Motion Guideways and service that match your exact needs.

High Speed Linear Motion Guideways 12-50mm Diameter Suitable For End Block Return 0

Packing and Shipping:

Linear Motion Guideways Packaging and Shipping:

  • Linear Motion Guideways are properly packaged and shipped in cardboard boxes.
  • All components are secured and padded to ensure a safe journey.
  • Each box is labeled with the part number, product description, and quantity.
  • Damaged items will be replaced or refunded.

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