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End Block Return Plastic Linear Motion Guideways With Waist Groove Type Return Method

End Block Return Plastic Linear Motion Guideways With Waist Groove Type Return Method

17.5mm Ball Bearing Screw

11mm Ball Bearing Screw

Plastic Linear Motion Guideways


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Product Details
Return Method:
End Block And Waist Groove Type
Low Noise And Enduring
Dynamic Load Capacity:
Diameter Of Installation Hole:
Shaft,screw Nut And Ball Bearing
Waist Groove Type:
Metal,suitable For Heavy Load
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

Ball screw is a commonly used transmission component in both tool and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotational motion into linear motion or torque into axial repeated force, while also possessing the characteristics of high precision, reversibility, and efficiency. Due to its small frictional resistance, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Bearings are an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotational accuracy. The ball screw is usually equipped with a special support bearing for the screw, with a contact angle of 60 °. This bearing has a large bearing capacity, low speed, and high accuracy. Generally, bearings need to be paired during installation. The specific pairing method should be determined based on the use of the machine tool, and the two ends of the ball screw are connected through bearings and bearing seats, and then connected through bearing seats and equipment. The screw nut is connected to the nut seat through flanges, keys, or threads. After installing bearings on both ends of the screw rod, fix the bearings with circlips or locking nuts. When the ball screw is working, it will produce axial force and requires bearings that can withstand axial thrust.

In order to improve the working accuracy of the feed system, the ball screw mechanism must have a high transmission stiffness. In addition to increasing the stiffness of the ball screw itself, the ball screw mechanism must be designed with a sufficiently rigid support structure and must be installed correctly. The factors that affect the rigidity of the support structure include the stiffness of the bearing seat, the contact area between the bearing seat and the machine structure, and the stiffness of the bearing.

Universal ball screw, using angular contact ball bearings is sufficient. Install the bearings "face to face" on the two supporting shaft ends of the ball screw. If it is a specialized screw rod for special equipment, and if the equipment installation manual requires the use of specialized bearings, then assemble according to the relevant instructions.

In the load bearing capacity of the ball screw, both radial and axial loads exist simultaneously, and consideration should be given to the selection of bearings. Commonly used bearings that can withstand the load simultaneously include angular contact bearings and tapered roller bearings. The former focuses on dry light load and high-speed fields, while the latter focuses on heavy load and low-speed situations. It should be noted that the above two types of bearings are generally used in pairs and installed relative to each other (face to face or back to back), which can limit the axial movement of the screw rod.

Installation instructions for ball screw bearings: Using the installation sleeve, the diameter of the sleeve is the same as the inner ring of the bearing, and the material can be aluminum or copper sleeve to press the inner ring in. If the tolerance is tight or the interference fit is tight, the bearing should be heated. Pay attention to observing the contact angle of the arrow or the rolling element inside the bearing at its complete position. Generally, it is combined back to back or face to face, and finally screw on the locking nut. Retroreflector detectors are generally used to position the bearings.



Ball screw has a lot of excellent characteristics. It has high efficiency with over 90% testing equipment and quality inspection process. Due to superior surface quality and strict size of the ball, it has low temperature rise. With small temperature rise and measures such as pre tightening and clearance elimination, it achieves high precision. High speed can be achieved , as it enables the machine to run reliably over 60M/min and the screw rod and nut are processed with excellent materials. There is no viscous friction between the screw and nut, which makes sure its reseting accuracy is maintained. A special dust prevention device is designed at the nut end and it requires general maintenance. Through strict control of the material and surface hardness HRC62 of the screw (high carbon steel) and nut (alloy steel), the ball screw has a long service life.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Diameter of installation hole 11-17.5mm
Static load capacity 595tons
Rigidity 1314N/um--4956N/um
Waist groove type Metal,suitable For Heavy Load
Scew ball structure High Speed And Heavy Load
Feature Low Noise And Enduring
End block return Plastic,suitable For High Speed
Diameter 12--50mm
Return method End Block And Waist Groove Type
Dynamic load capacity 126tons
Single nut ball screw High Speed And Heavy Load
Double cutting flange ball screw High Speed And Heavy Load
High lead ball screw High Speed And Heavy Load


Ball screw usage is widely used in many industries:

Industrial Machinery: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC bed, CIC wire cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, gantry milling machine, laser processing equipment, marking machine, CNC engraving machine, drawing machine IC packaging machine, CIC discharge machining machine, CWC grinding machine, glass machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery, printing and packaging machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgical machinery, tobacco machinery.

Electronic Machinery: Robotic arm, testing machinery, measurement equipment, X-Y platform, medical equipment, factory automation equipment.

Transmission Machinery: Metal heat treatment equipment, nuclear reaction equipment, actuators.

Aerospace Industry: Aircraft flap actuator, seat actuator, airport installation equipment, radio antenna actuator, door and window control, medical bed control, parking lot equipment.



Linear Motion Guideways Customized Services
  • Low Noise and Enduring: Our linear motion guideways feature low noise and enduring properties, giving you a quieter and long-lasting motion solution.
  • Length: Our guideways can reach up to 10m in length, providing you with the exact size you need for your application.
  • Structure: Our guideways are composed of shafts, screw nuts, and ball bearings, giving you a sturdy and reliable motion solution.
  • Screw ball structure: Our ball lead screw, ball bearing screw, and rolled ball screws provide you with high speed and heavy load capabilities.
  • Diameter: Our guideways come in diameters ranging from 12-50mm, providing you with the exact size you need for your application.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Linear motion guideways are securely packed and shipped with the appropriate packaging material to protect the product from damage during transport. All items are carefully inspected before they are packed and shipped.

To ensure safe delivery, linear motion guideways are bubble-wrapped in order to protect them from any potential damages incurred during transit. For larger items, they are also placed in a cardboard box and sealed with packing tape.

Before shipment, the linear motion guideways are checked for any flaws or defects. If any are found, they are immediately replaced or repaired before being sent out.

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