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Oil Nozzle Ball Linear Guideway With Lubicating Front Or Rear Position

Oil Nozzle Ball Linear Guideway With Lubicating Front Or Rear Position

Oil Nozzle ball bearing slide rails

Grease Lubrication ball bearing slide rails

4.4mm ball bearing linear guide


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Within 0.01mm
Temperature Range:
Oil Scraper Friction:
Up Locked And Lower Locked
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Product Description

Product Description:

High Assembly Linear Guide Rail


The high assembly linear guide rail is a four column single arc tooth contact linear guide rail, which integrates a more optimized structural design of a heavy-duty precision linear guide rail. Compared to other linear guide rails, it improves the load and rigidity capabilities. It has the characteristics of equal load in four directions and automatic centering function, which can absorb assembly errors on the installation surface and achieve high-precision demands. The concepts of high speed, high load, high rigidity, and high precision have become the trend of industrial product development worldwide in the future.


Low Assembly Linear Guide Rail


The low assembly linear guide rail is designed with four rows of steel balls to withstand loads, giving it high rigidity and high load characteristics. At the same time, it has four directional load characteristics and automatic centering function, which can absorb assembly errors on the installation surface and achieve high-precision demands. In addition, reducing the combination height and the length of the short sliding block makes it very suitable for use in small equipment with high speed automation industry machinery and space requirements.


What is linear guide?

A linear guide, also known as a linear motion bearing or linear rail, is a mechanical component used to facilitate linear motion or movement in a specific direction. It consists of a rail and a carriage, where the carriage is mounted on the rail, allowing smooth and precise movement along the specified path. Linear guides are commonly used in various applications such as machinery, automation systems, and manufacturing equipment to ensure accurate and controlled linear motion. They come in different types, including ball bearing guides, roller guides, and dovetail guides, each suitable for specific load capacities and precision requirements.


High precision: The high-precision linear guide rail adopts advanced production technology and precision machining technology, which has the characteristics of high precision and stable repeated positioning accuracy. It can meet the high-precision requirements of precision machining and ensure machining quality.


Strong wear resistance: The surface of the high-precision linear guide rail is made of high hardness materials or high-strength steel, which has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can operate stably in harsh working environments.


Smooth motion: The high-precision linear guide adopts a ball or slider motion method, which has the characteristics of smooth motion and small starting torque. It can meet the requirements of high-speed and high-frequency motion, and improve processing efficiency.


Long service life: The guiding components of high-precision linear guide rails use high-quality bearings, which have been specially treated and have the characteristics of long service life and low noise. It can reduce equipment maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Thickness of oil scraper 2.2mm--4.4mm
Installation Up Locked And Lower Locked
Grease supply 0.3cm³/hr
Temperature Range Max.100℃
Lubrication Grease
Advantage Reduce Production Cost
Oil nozzel position Front Or Rear,optional
Lubicating Oil Nozzel
Hardness HRC58
Accuracy Within 0.01mm
Upside Locked Linear Motion Guideway Yes
Flange Ball Linear Block Yes
Linear Bearing Block Yes
Oil Nozzle Ball Linear Guideway With Lubicating Front Or Rear Position 0


Linear guides are widely employed in many areas, for example, robotics, CNC machine tools, precision instruments, and automated production lines.


When used in robotics, linear guides provide great precision and stability for the movement of robots. In CNC machine tools, they greatly improve machining accuracy, efficiency and product quality. In precision instruments, they ensure precise positioning and reliable motion control.


As for automated production lines, they are extremely beneficial in enhancing production efficiency, product quality and reducing equipment maintenance costs.

Oil Nozzle Ball Linear Guideway With Lubicating Front Or Rear Position 1


Customized Linear Guide Rail

Our linear guide rail is designed to meet all of your requirements. Its flange ball linear block and accurate position guideway provide high rigidity and speed linear guideway. It is lubricated with grease and oil nozzel. The oil scraper friction is 0.2kgf-0.68kgf. This product can be installed with up locked and lower locked and its accuracy is within 0.01mm.


Support and Services:

Linear Guide Rail Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for Linear Guide Rail products. Our experienced staff will help you to choose the right products and find the best solutions for your needs. We offer a wide range of services such as installation, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and repair. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will provide you with the most reliable and efficient solutions for your specific needs.


We also offer training courses and seminars that will help you to understand the features and functions of Linear Guide Rail. We can provide you with the necessary resources to ensure that your Linear Guide Rail system is working properly and efficiently.


We also provide after-sales service.


Our engineers and technicians will help you to troubleshoot any problems you may have with Linear Guide Rail. We can also provide you with spare parts and accessories to keep your system running smoothly.


If you have any questions or need any additional information about our Linear Guide Rail products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best possible solutions.

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