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Gap Adjustable Linear Guideway With HRC58 Hardness Thickness Of Oil Scraper 2.2mm-4.4mm

Gap Adjustable Linear Guideway With HRC58 Hardness Thickness Of Oil Scraper 2.2mm-4.4mm

Linear Guide Rail HRC58

Linear Guide Rail 2.2mm

4.4mm ball screw guide rail


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Product Details
Within 0.01mm
Oil Scraper Friction:
Oil Nozzel
Thickness Of Oil Scraper:
Grease Supply:
Reduce Production Cost
Up Locked And Lower Locked
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Product Description

Product Description:

The linear guide rail is divided into high assembly and low assembly. The combination height of the slider determines the high assembly or low assembly, and the determining factor still depends on the allowable height of the plane used. The size specifications are the same, but the height of the slider is different. High assembly refers to the assembly of the guide rail and slider together, and the height is slightly higher compared to low assembly. The height assembly of the slider refers to the height of the slider, or the combination height of the slider and the guide rail.


The high assembly linear guide rail is a four column single arc tooth contact linear guide rail, which integrates a more optimized structural design of a heavy-duty precision linear guide rail. Compared to other linear guide rails, it improves the load and rigidity capabilities. It has the characteristics of equal load in four directions and automatic centering function, which can absorb assembly errors on the installation surface and achieve high-precision demands. The concepts of high speed, high load, high rigidity, and high precision have become the trend of industrial product development worldwide in the future.


What is linear guide block?

A linear guide block is a component of a linear guide system that directly interacts with the linear guide rail to facilitate smooth and controlled linear motion. It is also commonly referred to as a carriage or slider block. The linear guide block typically contains bearings or rolling elements that allow it to move along the guide rail with minimal friction.

The linear guide block is attached to the load or machinery that needs to move linearly. As the guide block travels along the guide rail, it maintains precision and stability, ensuring accurate and repeatable motion. The choice of linear guide block depends on factors such as load capacity, speed requirements, and environmental conditions.

Linear guide blocks are crucial elements in applications where precise linear motion is essential, such as CNC machines, industrial automation, and other machinery requiring accurate positioning. They come in various designs, including ball bearing guides, roller guides, and other configurations, each tailored to specific performance and load-bearing requirements.

Gap Adjustable Linear Guideway With HRC58 Hardness Thickness Of Oil Scraper 2.2mm-4.4mm 0


Characteristics of Linear Guide Rails

High-precision linear guide rails adopt advanced production technology and precision machining technology, providing excellent accuracy and stable repeated positioning accuracy, capable of meeting high-precision requirements and ensuring machining quality. Moreover, the surface of the linear guide rails is made with high hardness materials or high-strength steel, which offer excellent wear and corrosion resistance and stable operation in harsh environments.


The linear guide rails use a ball or slider motion method, featuring smooth motion with little starting torque, thereby being able to handle high-speed and high-frequency motion to improve processing efficiency. Furthermore, the guiding components of the linear guide rails use high-quality bearings, treated specially to have a long service life with low noise, reducing maintenance costs and improving production efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Oil scraper friction 0.2kgf--0.68kgf
Accuracy Within 0.01mm
Oil nozzel position Front Or Rear,optional
Temperature Range Max.100℃
Lubrication Grease
Lubicating Oil Nozzel
Installation Up Locked And Lower Locked
Grease supply 0.3cm³/hr
Hardness HRC58
Advantage Reduce Production Cost


Linear guides are widely used in a variety of fields such as robots, CNC machine tools, precision instruments, and automated production lines. It is especially suitable for situations which require high-precision linear motion control, such as high-speed motion, high-precision machining, precision positioning, high-frequency vibration, and so on.


In the field of robotics, high-precision linear guides, as an important component of robots, can guarantee the accuracy and stability of robot motion. For CNC machine tools, it can ensure not only machining accuracy, but also repeated positioning accuracy. Thus, machining efficiency and product quality can be improved. Precision instruments, on the other hand, can be supported with precise positioning and stable motion control, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the instrument.


Lastly, high-precision linear guides can improve production efficiency and product quality in the field of automated production lines. Furthermore, it can effectively reduce equipment maintenance costs.



Our Linear Guide Rail is made of high quality material with hardness HRC58, lubricated with grease and oil nozzel. It has a maximum temperature range of 100℃ and is easy to install with up locked and lower locked. It's perfect for flange ball linear block, high assembly guide block, and gap adjustable linear guideway.


Support and Services:

Linear Guide Rail Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for Linear Guide Rail. Our expert technicians can help you with installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We can also provide you with spare parts or replacements. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We strive to provide the best possible solutions to meet your needs. We guarantee that all of our products are of the highest quality and that they will meet your expectations.


For more information on our Linear Guide Rail Technical Support and Service, please contact us. We look forward to helping you with your Linear Guide Rail needs.

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