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High Durability Flange Ball Linear Block With Front Or Rear Oil Nozzel Max.100℃ Temperature Range

High Durability Flange Ball Linear Block With Front Or Rear Oil Nozzel Max.100℃ Temperature Range

4.4mm linear rail and ball screw

2.2mm linear rail and ball screw

Oil Nozzle linear rail ball screw


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Product Details
Oil Nozzel
Temperature Range:
Grease Supply:
Up Locked And Lower Locked
Reduce Production Cost
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Product Description

Product Description:


The linear guide rail can be divided into high assembly and low assembly, which is determined by the combination height of the slider and the allowable height of the plane used. Despite the same size specifications, the height of the slider is differently.


The high assembly linear guide rail is a four column single arc tooth contact linear guide rail, its optimized structure design improves the load and rigidity capabilities, and shows equal load in four directions and automatic centering function. It is high-speed, high-load, high-rigidity and high-precision product.


The low assembly linear guide rail uses four rows of steel balls for load withstanding and high rigidity as well as load characteristics in four directions and automatic centering function, which also can absorb assembly errors for achieving high precision. This low assembly product is suitable for applications in small equipment, high speed automating industry machinery where space is a major concern.

High Durability Flange Ball Linear Block With Front Or Rear Oil Nozzel Max.100℃ Temperature Range 0


High-precision linear guide rails are known for their superior performance. They benefit from advanced production and precision machining technology to provide high accuracy and stable repeated positioning accuracy, helping to ensure machining quality.


Not only are these guide rails very precise but also their high-hardness surface materials and high-strength steel provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments.


Considering motion, high-precision linear guides are completely smooth and have a low starting torque - perfect for high-speed, high-frequency motion. On top of that, high-quality bearings and specially treated components ensure a long service life and reduced noise, leading to reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity.


Linear gude with ball bearing:


A linear guide with ball bearings is a type of linear motion system that incorporates ball bearings to facilitate smooth and precise movement along a linear guide rail. This system is designed to reduce friction and improve the efficiency of linear motion.

The basic components of a linear guide with ball bearings include:

Linear Guide Rail: This is a long, straight rail that provides a smooth surface for the linear motion. It often has a groove or track along which the ball bearings travel.

Carriage or Slider Block: The carriage, also known as a slider block, contains the ball bearings and is mounted on the linear guide rail. The ball bearings reduce friction between the carriage and the rail, allowing for smooth and precise linear motion.

Ball Bearings: These are small, spherical balls that roll within the carriage, making contact with the linear guide rail. The rolling motion of the ball bearings minimizes friction and ensures smooth movement.

Linear guides with ball bearings are commonly used in various applications where accurate and low-friction linear motion is crucial. They find applications in CNC machines, automation systems, robotics, and other machinery that requires precise positioning and smooth operation. The use of ball bearings enhances the overall performance and longevity of the linear guide system.

Technical Parameters:

Features Description
Installation Up Locked And Lower Locked
Grease supply 0.3cm³/hr
Accuracy Within 0.01mm
Hardness HRC58
Thickness of oil scraper 2.2mm--4.4mm
Temperature Range Max.100℃
Oil scraper friction 0.2kgf--0.68kgf
Oil nozzel position Front Or Rear,optional
Lubicating Oil Nozzel
Advantage Reduce Production Cost
Ball linear guideway High assembly guide block


Linear guides are widely used in a different range of fields, such as robotics, CNC machine tools, precision instruments and automated production lines. It is mainly used to support a precise linear motion control in a number of situations, including high speed motion, precision machining and position control, high frequency vibration, etc.


In the field of robotics, high-precision linear guides, as an important component of robots, can maintain the accuracy and stability of robot motion. For the CNC machine tools, the use of this kind of guides can lead to improved machining accuracy, repeatability and the efficiency of the production process - in turn, it can lead to a higher product quality. Moreover, in the field of precision instrument, these guides provide the instruments with precise positioning, control and stability, as well as a higher accuracy.


Finally, linear guides are a great value in automated production lines. They could effectively improve the efficiency of production process, and lead to a higher degree of product quality, while also lowering the costs of equipment maintenance.

High Durability Flange Ball Linear Block With Front Or Rear Oil Nozzel Max.100℃ Temperature Range 1


Customized Linear Guide Rail
  • Temperature Range: Max.100℃
  • Lubicating: Oil Nozzel
  • Advantage: Reduce Production Cost
  • Installation: Up Locked And Lower Locked
  • Lubrication: Grease
  • Special Characteristics:
    • Flange ball linear block
    • Accurate position guideway
    • Square ball transmission guideway
High Durability Flange Ball Linear Block With Front Or Rear Oil Nozzel Max.100℃ Temperature Range 2

Support and Services:

Linear Guide Rail Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for our Linear Guide Rail products. Our team of experienced engineers is available to answer any questions you may have about our products or the installation process.

We offer free installation and maintenance support for all our Linear Guide Rail products. Our team is available to provide guidance and advice on the best methods of installation, as well as troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

We also offer a warranty for all our products, so you can be sure that your Linear Guide Rail is of the highest quality and will perform to its fullest potential.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always available to provide support and assistance.



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