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Carbon Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision Flange And Square

Carbon Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision Flange And Square

Carbon Steel sliding guide rail

sliding guide rail Heavy Duty

High Precision linear guide roller bearing sliding rail


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Product Details
Core Component:
Circulator, Steel Ball
Carbon Steel
Low And Hign Assembly
Fixed With The Tightening Torque
Lubrication Method:
Lubricating Grease With Nozzle
Anti-friction, Interchangeable ,durable
Prevent The Balls From Falling Out
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton and Wooden pallet
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

--The pre-pressure is a method of applying a load force to a steel ball by increasing its diameter. This pre-pressure can improve rigidity of the linear slide and help to reduce any gap. As the image below shows, the preload increases the linear slide's rigidity.


--However, it is recommended to use lighter preloads to avoid excessive usage that reduces the life span of the linear slide.


--The rolling circulation system includes components such as the slider, slide rail, end cover, steel ball and steel ball retainer. The lubrication system consists of the nozzle and tubing connector.


--The dust-proof system is made up of the oil scraper, negative dust seal, dust rail t-rail bolt cover and metal scraper.

Carbon Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision Flange And Square 0


We offer two types of linear slides, flanged and square. The flanged linear slide combination has a low height and a large bearing area, which is suitable for applications where the load is close to the load.


In addition to the general locking bolt hole slides, we also provides a lock-type screw hole slide rail for easy installation and use. The accuracy of our linear slides is divided into five levels: general, high, precision, ultra-precision and ultra-high precision. Customers can select the precision according to the precision requirements of the equipment.


The slider has excellent features that make it a desirable choice for a variety of applications.


These features include:

1.Stable physical properties: The physical properties of the slider are very stable and will not lose its original properties due to prolonged use.


2.Functional reliability: The slider has a reliable function and is not prone to malfunctions. Usually, the slider is strictly calibrated and tested to ensure its normal operation.


3.Easy to install: The slider is usually easy to install, and in most cases, no additional tools or equipment are required. Simply follow the instructions.


Technical Parameters:

Performance Ball Linear Guideway
Anti-friction Yes
Interchangeable Yes
Durable Yes
Shape Low assembly and high assembly
Flange Yes
Square Yes
Manufacturing Plant Available
Machine Center Available
Textile Machinery/Printing Machinery Available
Lubrication method Lubricating rease
Prevent The Balls From Falling Out Yes
Ball Screw Linear Motion Guide Rail Yes
Single Guideway With Steel Ball Yes
100-4000mm Yes
15mm-65mm, Customized Yes
Silver And Blue Yes
Rail And Block Yes


1.The function of the slider in the ball screw slider is critical for ensuring smooth operations. Supported by the ball screws, the slider is fixed onto a worktable and acts as a guide for the movement of the balls.


2.Additionally, the adjustment of the gap between the slider and its sliding part is essential for reducing vibrations and maximizing performance. Such tweaking also results in an improved work accuracy and stability.


3.The three main functions of the slider include supporting the screw, guiding the ball and adjusting the gap between the slider and its sliding part. Specifically, these are crucial in the rotation of the ball-screw. Firstly, the slider offers a support platform to hold the shafts of the ball screws and maintain a stable trajectory.


4.Secondly, based on the transmission of force from the ball screws, the slider guides the movement of the balls for the whole process.


5.Finally, by adjusting the gap between the screws and the slider, the machining process can be refined by reducing noise and providing a smoother operation overall.


Support and Services:

1.Ball linear guideway provides a technical support and service for its products. It has a comprehensive technical support system and a professional team of technical engineers to provide technical consultation, product maintenance, and spare parts support services.


2.The technical support team is responsible for providing customers with technical assistance in product selection, installation and operation, as well as providing technical training and product maintenance services.


3.The technical engineers are committed to responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner, providing detailed technical advice, and providing on-site trouble-shooting and maintenance services.


4.Ball linear guideway also provides spare parts support services. In the event of a product failure, customers can contact the technical support team for assistance in obtaining the necessary spare parts.


5.The technical support team is also responsible for providing customers with the necessary technical support and assistance in the installation and maintenance of the product.

 Carbon Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision Flange And Square 1

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Ball Linear Guideway:


1.The Ball Linear Guideway is packaged with standard cardboard boxes and cartons. The product will be securely and safely placed in the box and the box will be sealed with tape.


2.For small quantity:it will be shipped with a reliable courier service such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. The cost of shipping will be borne by the customer, and tracking information will be provided upon request.

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