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Ball Linear Guideway 0.2-0.6cm³/Hr Rail And Block Lock Type Screw Hole

Ball Linear Guideway 0.2-0.6cm³/Hr Rail And Block Lock Type Screw Hole

Interchangeable Ball Linear Guideway

Anti friction Ball Linear Guideway

textile Machinery ball screw linear guide rail


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Product Details
Slide Type:
Lock-type Screw Hole
Easy Installation
Single Slide Rail
Lide Rail Fixing Method:
Locked And Lockdown
Manufacturing Plant,Machine Center,textile Machinery/printing Machinery
Anti-friction, Interchangeable ,durable
Rail And Block
Silver And Blue
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton and Wooden pallet
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

The pre-pressure aims to pre-apply the load force of the steel ball by increasing its diameter, which closes the negative gap between the steel ball and the bead, thus improving the rigidity of the linear slide and eliminating the gap.


However, it is recommended to use a light preload with small slides to avoid the excessive use of preload and reduce the service life.


Rolling circulation system includes slider, slide rail, end cover, steel balls, and steel ball retainers.


The lubrication system comprises of nozzles and tubing connectors. Dust-proof system contains oil scraper, negative dust seal, dust rail t-rail bolt cover, and metal scraper.

Ball Linear Guideway 0.2-0.6cm³/Hr Rail And Block Lock Type  Screw Hole 0


We offer two types of linear slides, flanged and square. The flanged linear slide combination has a low height and a large bearing area, which is suitable for applications where the load is close to the load.


In addition to the general locking bolt hole slides, we also provide a lock-type screw hole slide rail for easy installation and use.


The accuracy of our linear slides is divided into five levels: general, high, precision, ultra-precision and ultra-high precision. Customers can select the precision according to the precision requirements of the equipment.


Stable physical properties: The physical properties of the slider are very stable and will not lose its original properties due to prolonged use.


Functional reliability: The slider has a reliable function and is not prone to malfunctions. Usually, the slider is strictly calibrated and tested to ensure its normal operation.


Easy to install: The slider is usually easy to install, and in most cases, no additional tools or equipment are required. Simply follow the instructions.


Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Structure Rail And Block
Type Single slide rail
Shape Flange And Square
Slide type lock-type screw hole
Application Manufacturing Plant,Machine Center,textile Machinery/printing Machinery
Type Ball Linear Guideway
Performance Anti-friction, Interchangeable ,durable
Core component Circulator, Steel Ball
Surface Silver And Blue
Heavy Duty Guideway Slide ball type Yes
Fuel supply rate 0.2cm³/hr--0.6cm³/hr


The function of the slider in the ball screw slider: The slider is one of the main components of the ball screw sliding system, and plays three main roles.


Firstly, it supports the screw. The slider is fixed on the workbench to provide a stable base for the ball screw, ensuring the ball screw can move smoothly when it slides and contacts it.


Secondly, it guides the balls. The balls on the slider bear the motion force transmitted by the ball screw, guiding the movement of the balls throughout the working process.


Lastly, it adjusts the gap. The gap between the slider and its sliding part is adjustable, which helps to meet different work needs. By adjusting the gap, vibration and noise can be decreased during the machining process, and the working accuracy and stability can be improved.


Support and Services:

Ball Linear Guideway technical support and service include:

  • Help customers select the right Ball Linear Guideway for their application
  • Provide installation instructions and drawings
  • Provide maintenance and troubleshooting advice
  • Provide spare parts and consumables
  • Provide repair services
 Ball Linear Guideway 0.2-0.6cm³/Hr Rail And Block Lock Type  Screw Hole 1

Packing and Shipping:

Ball Linear Guideway Packaging and Shipping

  • The product is packed in a plastic bag and small carton.
  • We use bubble wrap to protect the product from being damaged during transportation.
  • We use a reliable logistics company to ensure on-time delivery.

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