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S50C Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision And Rigity

S50C Steel Linear Slide Guideway Heavy Duty High Precision And Rigity

S50C heavy duty linear bearing slides

65mm heavy duty linear bearing slides

Carbon steel bearing slide rails


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Product Details
Ball Linear Guideway
Machine Tools, Precision Instruments, Medical Equipment, And Automation Equipment
S50C Steel
Core Component:
Circulator, Steel Ball
Flange And Square
Carbon Steel And Plastic
Bore Size:
Rail And Block
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Product Description

Product Description:

1. Guide rail base: The base of a guide rail serves as the foundation for the linear guide system. It is typically constructed from materials like iron or aluminum and is designed with installation holes at the bottom for easy installation and fixation. The shape and size of the guide rail base can vary based on specific usage requirements and application locations.


2. Slider: The slider is a movable component that runs along the guide rail. Sliders are usually made of metal or plastic and come in different types such as ball type sliders, guide sliders, sliding sliders, etc. Each type of slider possesses distinct characteristics and is suitable for specific applications.


3. Guide element: The guide element comprises two main parts: a guide block fixed on the slider and a guide groove fixed on the guide rail. The primary function of the guide element is to ensure that the slider moves along a precise trajectory without deviation. It provides stability and accuracy during the sliding process.


4. Guide rail slider: The guide rail slider is a crucial sliding component of the linear guide rail system. It is considered the core component and significantly influences the effectiveness and lifespan of the linear guide rail. Typically, a combination of a ball sleeve and guide rail slider is employed to enhance the accuracy, rigidity, and minimize wear between the slider and the guide rail.


5. Steel ball: Steel balls play a vital role in linear guides by reducing friction and improving the overall accuracy and speed of the system. The number and wear resistance of the rolling balls are important performance indicators for linear guides. The use of steel balls enhances the smoothness and efficiency of the sliding motion along the guide rail.

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1. High precision: Linear guides are known for their exceptional accuracy and repeatability. They ensure precise movement and positioning, guaranteeing high-quality work and increased production efficiency. These characteristics make linear guides suitable for various applications in manufacturing, testing, metrology, and other fields where precision is critical.


2. High rigidity: Linear guide rails exhibit excellent rigidity and load-bearing capacity. They can withstand significant forces and torques without deformation or excessive deflection. This high rigidity ensures the stability and reliability of machines and equipment that incorporate linear guides, even under demanding operating conditions.


3. Long lifespan: Linear guide rails are designed for durability and have a long service life. They are built to withstand continuous use and resist wear and tear. Additionally, linear guides require minimal maintenance, reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime. This longevity and ease of maintenance contribute to improved production efficiency.


4. Low noise: Linear guides incorporate mechanisms such as balls or sliders that minimize friction, resulting in reduced noise levels during operation. This feature is particularly advantageous in environments where low noise levels are essential, such as laboratories, clean rooms, or noise-sensitive work areas.


5. Strong adaptability: Linear guide rails are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet diverse requirements.

They are available in various sizes, configurations, and materials, allowing for flexibility in design and application. Linear guides can be tailored to different fields, locations, and working conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Value
Function Precision Dimensional Control
Surface Silver And Blue
Material Carbon
Structure Rail And Block
Length of linear guide rail 100-4000mm
Application Machine tools, precision instruments, medical equipment, and automation equipment
Core component Circulator, Steel Ball
Shape Flange And Square
Retainer Prevent The Balls From Falling Out
Fuel supply rate 0.2cm³/hr--0.6cm³/hr
High Rigidity linear guide block Yes
Ball screw Linear Motion Guide Rail Yes


Linear guides have a broad range of applications across various fields. They are primarily utilized in the following areas:


1. Machine Tools: Linear guides serve as transmission components in machine tools such as CNC machines, drilling machines, and tool machines. Their purpose is to ensure the machine tools' accuracy, speed, and rigidity, enabling precise and efficient operations.


2. Precision Instruments: Linear guides are employed as transmission components in precision instruments like measuring instruments, laser equipment, and semiconductor equipment. Their role is to guarantee high accuracy and stability, facilitating precise measurements and consistent performance.


3. Medical Equipment: Linear guides find application as transmission components in medical equipment such as medical robots and operating tables. Their function is to provide the equipment with high flexibility and reliability, ensuring smooth and precise movements during medical procedures.


4. Automated Equipment: Linear guides are utilized as transmission components in automated equipment, including automated production lines and packaging lines. They contribute to the equipment's high efficiency, precision, and reliability, enabling smooth and accurate movement of components in automated processes.

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