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Quadrilateral Precision Heavy Duty Linear Roller Guideways

Quadrilateral Precision Heavy Duty Linear Roller Guideways

Precision Linear Roller Guideways

Quadrilateral Linear Roller Guideways

65mm Roller Guideway


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Product Details
High Rigidity
Slider Type/flange Type/quadrilateral
Automatic Self-aligning
Track Length:
Product Name:
Linear Roller Guideways
Bore Size:
Working Temperature:
Room Temperature
Lide Rail Fixing Method:
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Product Description

Product Description:

The accuracy of our linear slides is divided into five levels: general, high, precision,
ultra-precision and ultra-high precision. Customers can select the precision according to the
precision requirements of the equipment.
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The Advanced Concept for Linear Slide Rails

The linear slide rails are four-row single arc-arc contact linear slides, which integrates the optimized structure design of the heavy-duty precision linear slide rails. It has significantly improved load and rigidity compared with other linear slide rails. Its load characteristics, such as direction and the function of self-aligning, can absorb any assembly error of the mounting surface, thus achieving excellent precision requisites.

The modern concept of high speed, high load, high rigidity and high precision has been taking the world of industrial products development into a whole new level. Responding to this concept, four-row super-load linear slides have been developed for more efficient operation.



1.The DF (45°-45°) combination from the circular groove brings a remarkable feature to the linear slide - automatic self-aligning ability. Even when the mounting surface is slightly deviated during the installation, the internal line slider can absorb the combination due to the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of the contact point, producing a smooth motion with high precision and stability.


2.Thanks to the strict control of production precision, the linear slides size can be maintained within a certain level. Moreover, with retainer design to prevent the steel ball from falling off, some series of precisions are interchangeable, allowing customers to order slides as needed. Rails or sliders can be stored separately to reduce storage space.


3.The four-row circular groove with the contact angle of 45 degrees and the four rows of steel balls make a two-point contact structure that can handle loads from the up and down and left and right directions. Preload can be applied if necessary to improve rigidity and accuracy.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Type Slider Type/flange Type/quadrilateral
Load type Heavy Load/overweight Load
Precision Roller Guideways
Product Name Linear Roller Guideways
Function Automatic Self-aligning
Working temperature Room Temperature
Track length Max.4000mm
Lide rail fixing method Locked/lockdown
Bore size 15/20/25/30/35/45/55/65mm
Operating Temperature 0℃--80℃


1.Guiderail is a vital machine in the production of various industrial products. Its utilization has expanded swiftly due to the swift development of the plastic industry. Guiderail can be seen in an extensive range of machinery such as spraying devices, CNC machines, machining centres, electronic apparatus, automated machinery, cloth-making machine, vehicles, medical machines, printing machines, packaging machinery, working on wood devices, moulding openings and more.


2.It has leaped into the most advanced realm of application fields, and with their commendable performance, Guiderails have gained lots of recognition from numerous clients. As the technology develops further, Guiderails contribute more to the development of the modern society.


Support and Services:

1.Linear Roller Guideways provide excellent technical support and service. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions. We specialize in helping you find the right product for your application and can provide product information, installation instructions, troubleshooting tips, and more.


2.We provide engineering and design support to assist you in selecting the right product for your application. Our experienced engineers can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


3.We also offer a complete line of maintenance and repair services.


4.We are committed to providing high-quality products and services.


5.We guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase. We strive to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Q: What is a Linear Roller Guideway?
A: Linear Roller Guideways are a type of linear motion bearing designed to deliver precision movement and high load capacity. They are ideal for use in industrial machinery and automation equipment.
Q: What benefits do Linear Roller Guideways offer?
A: Linear Roller Guideways offer high load capacity, long life, and high precision. They are also low maintenance and can be used in a variety of industrial and automation applications.
Q: What types of Linear Roller Guideways are available?
A: There are two main types of Linear Roller Guideways – ball type and roller type. Both types offer similar performance and are suitable for use in linear motion applications.
Q: What are the advantages of using Linear Roller Guideways?
A: Linear Roller Guideways offer high load capacity, long life, and high precision. They are also low maintenance and can be used in a variety of industrial and automation applications.
Q: What industries use Linear Roller Guideways?
A: Linear Roller Guideways are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, machine tools, robotics, medical devices, and many more.

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