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High Rigidity Precision Roller Guideways With Scraper And Bottom Dust Seal

High Rigidity Precision Roller Guideways With Scraper And Bottom Dust Seal

High Rigidity Linear Roller Guideway

3.2mm Linear Roller Guideway

4.5mm roller type linear guideway


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Product Details
Double-layer Scraper
Oil Scraper Thickness:
Roller Guideways
Lide Rail Fixing Method:
Dust Strip,oil Scraper,metal Partition
Product Name:
Linear Roller Guideways
Working Temperature:
Room Temperature
Lubrication Oil:
Viscosity Of About 30~150cSt
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Product Description

Product Description:

The four-row single arc-arc contact linear slides are linear slide rails with optimized structure designs for heavy-duty, high-precision capabilities. These rails have improved load and rigidity compared to other types of linear slide rails. Additionally, the load characteristics, like direction and self-aligning, can absorb any errors in the mounting surface to ensure high precision.

The trend in future industrial product development is high speed, high load, high rigidity and high precision. The four-rowsuper-load linear slides are products developed with this concept in mind.

If you have the following dustproof requirements, please add the code after the product model.
2.scraper and bottom dust seal
Prevents the processing of iron filings or dust particles from entering the slider,destroying the bead surface and reducing the linear slide life.
3.Double-layer scraper
Double the scraping effect, even in the heavy cutting environment, the foreign matter is completely excluded from the slider.
4.Metal scraper
It can isolate high temperature iron filings or machining sparks and eliminate large volume impurities.
5.Bolt cover
In order to prevent the cutting powder or foreign matter from invading the inside of the slider through the bolt hole, the customer must insert the bolt cover into the bolt hole when installing the slide rail. Each slide rail is equipped with a bolt cover when it is shipped.
High Rigidity Precision Roller Guideways With Scraper And Bottom Dust Seal 0


Automatic self-aligning ability:The DF (45°-45°) combination from the circular groove can be absorbed by the inside of the line slider even if the mounting surface is slightly deviated during the installation by the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of the contact point. This lets the system adjust itself to obtain a smooth motion with high precision and stability.

Interchangeable:Due to the strict control of production precision, the linear slide size can be maintained within a certain level. The sliders also have a retainer design to keep the steel ball in place and prevent them from falling off. This makes select series of precision interchangeable, and customers can order slips as per their requirements. To further improve efficiency, rails and sliders can be stored separately to reduce storage space.

High rigidity in all directions:With the help of four-row circular grooves that are matched with contant angles of 45 degrees, four rows of steel balls form an ideal two-point contact structure. This structure is able to withstand the load from the up and down and left and right directions. If necessary, it can also have preload applied to enhance its rigidity.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Presicion level C/H/P/SP/UP
Feature High Rigidity
Precision Roller Guideways
Working temperature Room Temperature
Operating Temperature 0℃--80℃
Function Automatic Self-aligning
Bore size 15/20/25/30/35/45/55/65mm
Type Slider Type/flange Type/quadrilateral
Lubrication oil Viscosity Of About 30~150cSt
Lide rail fixing method Locked/lockdown


Guiderail is a crucial process equipment for the manufacturing of various industrial products. With the continuous enhancement of plastic industry, the guiderail has become an indispensable element in diverse machines, including spraying equipment, CNC machine tools, machining centers, electronics, automation machinery, textile machinery, automobiles, medical equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery and woodworking machinery, along with other appliances such as mold openning.

In short, the scope of the application of guiderail is tremendously wide and its importance should not be underestimated.


Support and Services:

Linear Roller Guideways Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for Linear Roller Guideways products. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can provide you with the expertise and knowledge necessary to make sure your Linear Roller Guideways system is working properly.

We offer a range of services to meet all your needs, including:

  • Troubleshooting and repair of any Linear Roller Guideways system
  • Installation of new Linear Roller Guideways systems
  • Inspection and maintenance of existing Linear Roller Guideways systems
  • Training on the proper operation and maintenance of Linear Roller Guideways systems
  • Consulting and advice on the best Linear Roller Guideways system for your application

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of technical support and service for your Linear Roller Guideways system. We will work with you to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your system.

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Q1: What is Linear Roller Guideways?
A1: Linear Roller Guideways is a type of rolling system used to provide linear motion components in industrial automation applications.
Q2: What are the advantages of Linear Roller Guideways?
A2: Linear Roller Guideways offer high load capacity, low friction, long life, and high accuracy.
Q3: What are the applications of Linear Roller Guideways?
A3: Linear Roller Guideways are typically used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive, machine tools, printing machinery, packaging machinery, and medical equipment.
Q4: What are the types of Linear Roller Guideways?
A4: Linear Roller Guideways are available in two types: recirculating systems and non-recirculating systems.
Q5: What is the difference between the two types of Linear Roller Guideways?
A5: The main difference between the two types is that the recirculating systems use a series of rollers to provide support, while the non-recirculating systems use a single roller to provide support.

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