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Customized Stroke Square Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Bore 25mm-200mm

Customized Stroke Square Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Bore 25mm-200mm

25mm Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder

200mm Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder

Square hydraulic cylinder engineering

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Product Details
Product Name:
Square Type
FA Only
Mounting Type:
Clevis Type And Dual Clevis
Max Pressure:
Oil Temperture:
-10℃--+80℃ For Heat And Alkali Resistance
Cylinder Bore:
Two-way Acting
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Carton and Wooden pallet
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Product Description

Product Description:

Engineering oil cylinders are widely used to transmit force and push the piston to move, using liquid pressure.


Depending on the working pressure and medium, engineering oil cylinders come in a variety of types, including single-acting oil cylinders, double-acting oil cylinders, plunger type oil cylinders, and piston type oil cylinders.



Standard for engineering oil cylinders

GB/T 15622-2008 "Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders" is a national standard for hydraulic cylinders, which plays an important role in the design, manufacturing, testing, determination of structural parameters, and scope of use of engineering cylinders.


ISO 6020/2:2006 Hydraulic Fluid Dynamics - Dimensions, Pressure Ratings and Construction of Piston Cylinders is the hydraulic cylinder standard made by the International Organization for Standardization.It can be used as a reference by the industry and help to improve the quality of the cylinder.

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Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameters
Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Oil temperture: -10℃--+80℃ For Heat And Alkali Resistance
Mounting type: LA Foot Type And FB Cap Flange
Stroke : 100--2000mm,difference Allowed +0.8--1.8
Cylinder Type: Single Acting
Stroke: Customized
Mounting Type: LA Foot Mount
Engineering hydraulic type: Square Type/round Type/heavy Duty Type
Finish: Zinc Plated
Cylinder Bore: 25mm--200mm


Engineering oil cylinders are extensively employed in the manufacturing sector, in equipment such as industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery.


Industrial machinery that exploits the use of engineering oil cylinders involves metallurgy, shipbuilding, building materials production, mining business, lifting mechanisms, and press machines.


Agricultural machines, such as combine harvesters, rotary tillers, and tractors, also make great use of engineering oil cylinders.


In addition, these cylinders can be found in a variety of construction machinery, like excavators, road rollers, concrete pump trucks, and tower cranes.


A hydraulic cylinder actuator is a type of mechanical device used to generate linear motion and force through the use of pressurized hydraulic fluid. It's a specific application of hydraulic cylinders within a system where controlled linear movement is required. Here are some key points about hydraulic cylinder actuators:

  1. Function: Hydraulic cylinder actuators convert the energy of pressurized hydraulic fluid into mechanical motion. When fluid is pumped into one side of the cylinder, it pushes against a piston, causing the piston rod to extend and generate linear force and motion.


  3. Components: A hydraulic cylinder actuator typically consists of a cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, end caps, seals, and possibly additional accessories such as cushions or position sensors. These components work together to convert hydraulic pressure into linear mechanical force.

  4. Applications: Hydraulic cylinder actuators are used in a wide range of applications where controlled linear motion is needed. Common applications include:

    • Industrial machinery: such as presses, lifts, material handling equipment, and machine tools.
    • Construction equipment: such as hydraulic excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and cranes.
    • Agricultural machinery: such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems.
    • Aerospace: for functions like landing gear extension and retraction, flap control, and cargo handling.
    • Automotive: in hydraulic brake systems, suspension systems, and convertible tops.
  5. Advantages: Hydraulic cylinder actuators offer several advantages, including high force-to-size ratio, precise control of motion, suitability for heavy-duty applications, and the ability to operate in harsh environments.

  6. Types: Hydraulic cylinder actuators come in various types, including single-acting cylinders (which exert force in one direction only and rely on external forces to return the piston), double-acting cylinders (which exert force in both directions), telescopic cylinders (which consist of multiple nested stages to achieve longer strokes in a compact space), and special-purpose cylinders designed for specific applications.

Overall, hydraulic cylinder actuators play a vital role in many industrial, mobile, and aerospace systems, providing efficient and reliable linear motion and force generation.



We offer professional customization services for Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder.


Our Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder is available in double acting engineering Hydraulic Force Cylinder and single acting engineering Hydraulic Cylinder.


It has a LA Foot Mount for mounting and its oil temperature can resist between -10℃--+80℃ for heat and alkali resistance.


The sealing type includes NBR/PU/FPM and the stroke is customizable.


Support and Services:

Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder. Our team of professionals are available to answer any questions you may have.


Our experts can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have with Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder.


We can also provide advice on installation, operation and maintenance of Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder.


We are committed to providing you with the best support so you can get the most out of your Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you.


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