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70kgf/Cm2 Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Single Neck/Dual Necks/External Thread

70kgf/Cm2 Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Single Neck/Dual Necks/External Thread

Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Single Neck

Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Dual Necks

External Thread Mold Hydraulic Cylinder

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Product Details
Limit Switch:
The Mold Position Precisely Controlled
Suitable For:
Die Casting Molding Machine
Rod Connector:
FA Only
MDH Tie-rod Mold Cylinder
Working Pressure:
Mounting Type:
Rod End:
Single Neck/dual Necks/external Thread
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Carton and Wooden pallet
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Product Description

Product Description:

1.The MDH model is a heavy-duty tie-rod cylinder with built-in limit switches, making it a perfect choice for accurately controlling the position of molds, especially in of die casting molding machines.


2.It is renowned for its high-performance and reliable service which renders it to be of great use in extreme conditions such as harsh environments or pressuring jobs.


3.In addition, its smooth-moving piston rod minimizes friction, extending its durability significantly.



1.Mold oil cylinder is a commonly used hydraulic component with multiple functions, used primarily in the mold manufacturing industry. Let's take a closer look at its working principle.


2.The mold oil cylinder is driven by a hydraulic system, using the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil to control the cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a movable piston that is affected by the pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic oil.


3.When oil is pumped into the cylinder, it enters a movable cavity inside the cylinder and the pressure of the hydraulic oil will apply a force to the piston, making it move.


4.The piston’s movement can either be linear or rotational, depending on the design and purpose of the cylinder.


Technical Parameters:

MDH refers to Mold Tie-rod Cylinders.

  • Type A is a double-acting cylinder.
  • Type C is a double-rod cylinder.
  • The maximum working pressure of type A is 70 kgf/cm and of type C is 140 kgf/cm.
  • Type FA mounting is available only.
  • Rod type available is Class C for type A and Class B for type C.
  • Standard MDH-70 has Class C rods and standard MDH-140 has Class B rods.
  • To specify if MDH-70 with B class rods or MDH-140 with C class rods is required, please provide the specification.
  • Bore size availble is 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm.
40 65 45 30 69 120 85 14
50 75 52 30 85 150 102 18
63 90 63 30 98 185 125 22
80 110 80 33 118 205 145 22
100 135 102 36 150 250 175 26
125 165 122 42 175 290 210 30
150 196 148 48 210 335 245 33


note : EF·UF·TF·FF·YY dimensions can be attachedbased on the customer's need.



70kgf/Cm2 Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Single Neck/Dual Necks/External Thread 0


1.In mold manufacturing, mold cylinders are commonly used for precise positioning, clamping, and ejection.


2.For instance, they are used to control the opening and closing of the mold in Injection mold construction. When the oil enters the mold cylinder, the pressure drives the piston, thus separating or closing. This enables the injection and molding of plastic materials.


3.In addition, mold cylinders are also widely used in many other fields such as mechanical processing, metallurgy, and aerospace, control the movement, positioning, and clamping of mechanical equipment.


4.By controlling the hydraulic system, they offer precise control to the equipment, providing better production and product quality.


5.The mold oil cylinder is a device driven by a hydraulic system that controls the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil to control the piston.


6.Its usage in mold manufacturing and mechanical processing have proven to be indispensable to gaining accuracy, improving production efficiency, and guaranteeing the quality of products.


Support and Services:

1.We provide technical support and service for Mold Hydraulic Cylinder.


2.Our service includes professional installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance and repair services.


3.We also provide professional training, technical advice and spare parts.


4.In addition, we guarantee quick response, online support and timely delivery.

70kgf/Cm2 Mold Hydraulic Cylinder Single Neck/Dual Necks/External Thread 1


Mold Hydraulic Cylinder
  1. Q: What is a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
    A: Mold Hydraulic Cylinder is a cylinder operated by hydraulic pressure to perform a wide range of linear motion. It is widely used in injection molding machines, die-casting machines and other production equipment.
  2. Q: What are the advantages of Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
    A: Mold Hydraulic Cylinder has the advantages of small size, light weight, low inertia, large output force, fast response speed, low noise and long service life.
  3. Q: What materials are used to make Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
    A:The materials used for Mold Hydraulic Cylinder are usually stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloy.
  4. Q: What is the working temperature of Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
    A:The working temperature of Mold Hydraulic Cylinder is -20℃~90℃.
  5. Q: What is the maximum pressure of Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
    A:The maximum pressure of Mold Hydraulic Cylinder is usually 16MPa.

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