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Double Acting Dual Rod Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder NBR/PU/FPM Flange Mounting

Double Acting Dual Rod Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder NBR/PU/FPM Flange Mounting

Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder

Dual Rod Mold Hydraulic Cylinder

Double Acting Mold Hydraulic Cylinder


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Rod End Type:
Square Type And Flat Type
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Mold Compact Hydraulic Cylinder
Plastic Mold
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Product Description

Product Description:

1, Basic Principles


The plastic mold oil cylinder is an important component of the plastic molding machine, used to control the opening and closing of the mold and its movement speed. The basic principle is to transport high-pressure oil through valves and pipelines to the oil cylinder, causing the piston to move back and forth, thereby driving the mold to open and close and lift.


2, Construction


The plastic mold oil cylinder is composed of parts such as the cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, and sealing parts. Among them, the cylinder barrel is the main part of the cylinder, usually made of high-quality seamless steel pipes, which can withstand high pressure and impact forces. The piston is the core component that converts oil pressure into mechanical power, commonly made of cast iron or aluminum alloy materials. The piston rod connects the piston and mechanical components, usually made of high-quality chromium steel. Seals are one of the key components that directly affect the sealing performance and service life of oil cylinders.

Single neck Dual neck
Double Acting Dual Rod Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder NBR/PU/FPM Flange Mounting 0 Double Acting Dual Rod Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder NBR/PU/FPM Flange Mounting 1


The standard size and strong interchangeability of our product can save the installation space and make it easy to match with various molds. No extra accessories are needed to install it, so costs can be reduced.

Our products are widely used in plastic molds, automobile manufacturing, automatic machinery industry, riveting edge cutting, and so on.


Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameter
Mold Compact Hydraulic Cylinder Rod end type: Square Type And Flat Type; Mounting type: Basic/flange/Vertical; Max.temperature: 200℃; Application: Plastic Mold; Seals: NBR/PU/FPM; Stroke length: 30mm,Customized; Inner diameter: 50mm/63mm/80mm/100mm; Inner thread type; Dual neck; Double acting; single rod and flange end


Mold Compact Hydraulic Cylinder is designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency in various applications.


It is a double-acting single rod and flange cylinder with an inner thread type.


It is ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial and construction applications, such as molding, manufacturing, and lifting.


Its unique construction offers a wide range of stroke lengths, from 30mm to custom lengths, and its seals are made of NBR/PU/FPM materials.


The cylinder also features a maximum temperature of 200℃ and is available in three mounting types: basic, flange, and vertical.


It is designed to offer superior performance, reliability, and durability in all conditions.


Support and Services:

We provide technical support and services for Mold Hydraulic Cylinder. Our services include:

  • Troubleshooting for any technical problems
  • Regular maintenance services
  • Replacement and installation of parts
  • Upgrading and optimization of existing systems
  • Training and consultations on usage and maintenance
  • 24/7 customer service
Double Acting Dual Rod Plastic Mold Hydraulic Cylinder NBR/PU/FPM Flange Mounting 2


Mold Hydraulic Cylinder FAQs
Q: What is a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
A: A Mold Hydraulic Cylinder is a device used to generate a force by using hydraulic pressure. It is typically used in industrial operations such as molding, pressing, and forming operations. Q: What are the advantages of using a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
A: There are many advantages to using a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder, including increased efficiency and accuracy, lower operational costs, and improved safety. Q: What materials are used in a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
A: Mold Hydraulic Cylinders are typically made from strong, durable materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Q: How does a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder work?
A: A Mold Hydraulic Cylinder works by using hydraulic pressure to generate a force. The pressure is generated by an external pump, which is connected to the cylinder via a hydraulic line. When the pump is activated, it pushes the fluid into the cylinder, creating pressure which is then used to generate the force. Q: What safety features are built into a Mold Hydraulic Cylinder?
A: Mold Hydraulic Cylinders are designed with safety features such as pressure relief valves and safety catches to prevent the cylinder from overloading. Additionally, they are usually designed with a manual override, allowing the user to manually control the cylinder in case of a malfunction.

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