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Swivel And Clamp Hydraulic Cylinder With 90° And 180° Angles For Positioning And Clamping With Attached Flange And Bolt

Swivel And Clamp Hydraulic Cylinder With 90° And 180° Angles For Positioning And Clamping With Attached Flange And Bolt

63mm clamp cylinder hydraulic

32mm clamp cylinder hydraulic

20mm swivel hydraulic cylinder

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Product Details
Swivel Diection:
Left And Right
Product Fix:
Using Attached Flange With Bolt
Positioning And Clamping
Rod And Piston
Cylinder Type:
Swivel And Clamp Hydraulic Cylinder
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Minimum Order Quantity
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Product Description

Product Description:

This product provides two directions to choose from for rotation: left and right, which can be determined depending on the application.

It has three core advantages.


--First, it greatly decreases the time for clamping and releasing the workpiece due to its reliance on oil pressure to achieve the action. This has helped decrease the time by 90%-95% compared to manual fixtures.


--Second, it grants a high positioning accuracy along with repeatable clamping force. This ensures that the accuracy of positioning and clamping is guaranteed.


--Lastly, it efficiently utilizes as much space as possible to improve the space utilization rate of the fixture.



OS2 is designed to be much shorter than OS1 product in order to save space.


OS2 can be fixed with an attached flange and bolts.


Users can choose from one of the three kinds of input ports for different designs.


Technical Parameters:

The Bore size for this device can range from 32mm to 63mm.


It is double acting and can swivel either 90° or 180° to the left or right.


The swivel stroke can be between 16mm to 20mm, while the clamp stroke can be between 9mm to 10mm.


The Max. Working Pressure the device can take is 70kgf/c㎡ or 140kgf/c㎡ and the Test Pressure is 210kgf/c㎡.


The fluid that the device requires is Midnal.



Rotary Clamp Cylinder is a kind of versatile hydraulic cylinder which could be used for positioning and clamping in different applications.


It is made in Jiangsu, China, with a minimum order quantity of 1.


It has a competitive price that is negotiable.


Its working pressure is between 50-210kgf/c㎡.


It has a swivel direction of left and right, and a cylinder type of swivel and clamp hydraulic cylinder.


It consists of a rod and a piston.


The mounting type for DL: double sides left swivel, SD: basic, FB: head flange and SL: single side left swivel.


Support and Services:

Rotary Clamp Cylinder Technical Support and Service
  • 24/7 technical support for any questions related to the Rotary Clamp Cylinder.
  • Expert troubleshooting for any issues related to the Rotary Clamp Cylinder.
  • Regular maintenance and repair services for the Rotary Clamp Cylinder.
  • Replacement parts or upgrades for the Rotary Clamp Cylinder.
  • Free installation and setup of the Rotary Clamp Cylinder upon purchase.
  • Online customer service portal for customers to request service or support for the Rotary Clamp Cylinder.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Rotary Clamp Cylinder

The Rotary Clamp Cylinder will be securely packaged in a cardboard box to protect it from damage during transit. The box will be labeled with product information and carefully sealed. The product will then be shipped using a reliable courier service.



  • Q:What is the Rotary Clamp Cylinder?
    A:Rotary Clamp Cylinder is a kind of pneumatic product.
  • Q:Where is the place of origin?
    A:The place of origin is Jiangsu,China.
  • Q:What is the minimum order quantity?
    A:The minimum order quantity is 1.
  • Q:What is the price?
    A:The price is negotiable.
  • Q:What is the advantage of Rotary Clamp Cylinder?
    A:The advantage of Rotary Clamp Cylinder is high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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