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Inductive Carbon Steel Compact Hydraulic Cylinder With Forwarding Alignment Stroke And Basic And Foot Installation

Inductive Carbon Steel Compact Hydraulic Cylinder With Forwarding Alignment Stroke And Basic And Foot Installation

Carbon Steel Compact Cylinder

Forwarding Alignment Compact Cylinder

Doubling acting compact hydraulic cylinder

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Product Details
Basic And Foot
Rod Thread:
Internal Thread And External Thread
Carbon Steel
Product Name:
Compact Hydraulic Cylinder
Forwarding Alignment
Pressure Rating:
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Carton and Wooden pallet
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Product Description

Product Description:

A compact hydraulic cylinder is a kind of hydraulic equipment specifically designed to save installation space. It's total length is approximately equal to half of the same diameter or stroke tie-rod cylinder making it ideal for accommodating certain situations. This ingenious design can effectively resolve any installation issues associated with mechanical equipment used in molds or processing fixtures, as well as cases in which space is limited.


  • Product Name: Inductive Compact Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Installation: Basic And Foot
  • Pressure Rating: High
  • Stroke: Forwarding Alignment
  • Rod thread: Internal Thread And External Thread

Technical Parameters:

CXHC: Compact Cylinders

These cylindars have 10 different specifications:

  • Type:
    • A: Doubling acting
    • C: Double rods
    • D: Double rods with stroke alignment
  • Option: J: With heat/erosion proof (note: "space" if not be used)
  • Rod thread:
    • IN: Inner thread
    • EX: External thread
  • Installation:
    • SD: Basic
    • LA: Foot
  • Bore: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 (mm)
  • Stroke: Refer to "standard stroke" table
  • Stroke alignment: Only for forwarding alignment
  • Packing material:
    • 1: PU (standard usage)
    • 2: NBR
    • 3: FPM
  • Flow regulator:
    • 02: 1/4" (12l/min)
    • 03: 3/8 (20l/min)
    • 04: 1/2" (30l/min)
  • Check valve:
    • A: 3/8" (50l/min)
    • B: 3/4" (125l/min)
    • C: 11/2" (320l/min)

The CXHC Compact Cylinders offer a variety of functions and specifications that meet the requirements of different applications. Depending on the type chosen, the bore size, stroke, installation, packing material and other features can be adjusted to fit your needs.


Compact hydraulic cylinders have a wide range of applications in various fields. Below are some common uses:

Mold manufacturing often involves compact hydraulic cylinders for operations such as mold opening, ejection, and core extraction. This is due to their convenient size and easy installation even in limited spaces.

Machine tools depend on compact hydraulic cylinders for clamping, positioning, and elevating tables, contributing to precise force and motion control.

Aerospace also utilizes these compact devices, since it needs to meet both the space constraints in aircraft and spacecraft, and the requirement for compactness and lightweight objects.

Finally, automotive manufacturing can greatly benefit from the use of compact hydraulic cylinders in their assembly line. They can provide efficient force and motion control, improving production performance.

Packing and Shipping:

The Compact Cylinder product will be packaged in a box with dimensions of 12"x 12"x 12" and a weight of 1.5 lbs. The product will be shipped in a cardboard box with bubble wrap to ensure secure delivery. The box will be labeled with the product name and dimensions for easy identification.

Inductive Carbon Steel Compact Hydraulic Cylinder With Forwarding Alignment Stroke And Basic And Foot Installation 0


Compact Cylinder
  • Q: What is Compact Cylinder?
  • A: Compact Cylinder is a high-performance, cost-effective, lightweight and space-saving actuator.
  • Q: What are the advantages of Compact Cylinder?
  • A: Compact Cylinder offers several advantages, such as high performance, cost-effectiveness, lightweight, space-saving, and easy installation and maintenance.
  • Q: What features does Compact Cylinder have?
  • A: Compact Cylinder features high speed, high accuracy, high repeatability, long service life, and high torque.
  • Q: What is the range of motion of Compact Cylinder?
  • A: Compact Cylinder has a range of motion from -10 to +200 mm.
  • Q: What is the maximum force of Compact Cylinder?
  • A: Compact Cylinder has a maximum force of up to 1000 N.

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