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Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm

Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm

Hydraulic Pressure tie rod type cylinder

Four tie rod type cylinder

50mm tie rod cylinders

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Product Details
Piston And Cushion Aligning Valve
Cushion Type:
Rod Chushion And Head Cushion
Carbon Steel
Port Position:
Bore(mm): 32/40/50/63/80/100/125/150
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Carton Packing/ Wooden Packing
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Product Description



The cylinder is made up of two main components: the cylinder barrel and the piston assembly.

The cylinder barrel is a long, cylindrical tube that is typically made of steel or other durable materials.

The piston assembly is a set of components that includes the piston, piston rod, and piston seals.


When hydraulic fluid is forced into one end of the cylinder, it pushes the piston assembly in the opposite direction.

The piston rod extends out of the cylinder barrel, providing a means of attaching the cylinder to the load being moved.


When fluid is forced into the other end of the cylinder, the piston assembly moves in the opposite direction, causing the piston rod to retract.

Double-acting tie-rod hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, such as in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and manufacturing machinery.


They are often used for tasks such as lifting heavy loads, pushing or pulling materials or equipment, and moving machinery or vehicles.


How does a hydraulic cylinder work?


The operation of a hydraulic cylinder involves the conversion of hydraulic energy into mechanical force and motion. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

Cylinder and Piston Setup: A hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylindrical barrel, a piston, and a piston rod. The piston divides the cylinder into two chambers: the rod side and the cap side.


Hydraulic Fluid Supply: The system is filled with hydraulic fluid, typically oil. A hydraulic pump pressurizes the fluid, creating a flow of pressurized oil through hydraulic lines.


Fluid Intake and Pressure Buildup: The pressurized hydraulic fluid is directed into one of the cylinder chambers, either the rod side or the cap side, depending on the application. As the fluid enters the chamber, it applies pressure to the piston.


Piston Movement: The pressure forces the piston to move in the direction dictated by the application requirements. If the fluid is applied to the rod side, the piston extends the piston rod. If the fluid is applied to the cap side, the piston retracts the rod.


Linear Motion: The linear motion of the piston is translated into useful mechanical work. This movement can be harnessed to perform various tasks, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending, depending on the specific application.


Fluid Return: After the piston has moved, the hydraulic fluid on the opposite side of the piston is allowed to return to the reservoir. This completes the hydraulic cycle.


Control Valves: The direction and flow of hydraulic fluid are controlled by valves within the hydraulic system. These valves regulate the movement of the piston and, consequently, the direction and speed of the load.


The key principle behind hydraulic cylinders is Pascal's Law, which states that any change in pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to all portions of the fluid and to the walls of its container. In the context of hydraulic cylinders, this law ensures that the force applied to the piston is transmitted through the hydraulic fluid, resulting in the desired linear motion of the piston.


Internal structure and part name


Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 0

Item Part name Quantity Item Part name Quantity
1 Rod cover  1 11 Check and vent valve 2
2 Head cover 1 12 Dust seal 1
3 Piston rod 1 13 Rod O-ring 1
4 Tube 1 14 Rod packing 1
5 Piston 1 15 Cover O-ring 2
6 Rod cushion 1 16 Cushion O-ring 1
7 Head cushion 1 17 Piston O-ring 1
8 Tie-rod 4 18 Piston packing 2
9 Tie-rod nut 8 19 Cushion washer 2
10 Cushion aligning valve 2 20 Valve O-ring 2



HC2--A--70--    --SD--C--100--200ST--    --    --    --    --    --    

           1)   2)    3)    4)     5)     6)        7)        8)    9)   10)  11)  12)   13) 


HC2:Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinders
1) Type

A:doubling acting

C:double rods
D:double rods with stroke alignment

2)Working pressure



3)Performance blank:(standardusage) H:with bellow
J:with heat/ erosion proof(the highest temperature is 200℃)
4)Mounting type SD/FA/FB/CA/CB/LA/LB/TA/TC
5)Rod size

C: C class B:B class


note: 1standard:HC-70+C class rod

2.Standard:HC-140+B class rod

3. Please specify when HC-70+B class rod or HC-140+C class rod

6)Bore(mm) 32,40,50,63,80,100,125,150,180,200,224,250
7)Stroke(mm)  Max.stroke=Max length of stroke-Min. length of stroke
8)Cushion blank:

no cushion


B:Cushion on bothends


R: Cushion on rod cover


H:Cushion on head cover

9)Connectors Y

Y :Yconnector


10)Stroke alignment  

11)Port position

12)Cushion position  
13)Oil seal material blank NBR(standard usage),2: PU 3:FPM



External dimensions


Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 1Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 2



Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 3

Bore DH  CF YG
80 10 79 20
85 10 84 20
90 10 89 20
100 12 99 24
112 12 109 24
125 12 124 24
140 12 139 24


With below(HC2-A-H)


Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 4

Specifying the needed material while ordering



Bore X
32.40.50 1/3.5xstroke+45
63.80.100 1/4xstroke+55
125.150180.200 1/5xstroke+65
224.250 1/6xstroke+80



3D printer / Packing machine / Unstandard machine / Mechanical arm / Mask machine/CNC machine/

Chip mounter/Medical equipment/Automation



Hydraulic Pressure Four Tie Rod Cylinder With Check And Vent Valve Internal Bore 50mm 5
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