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Interchangeable Automatic Self Aligning Linear Motion Guideway For Room Temperature

Interchangeable Automatic Self Aligning Linear Motion Guideway For Room Temperature

Self Aligning Linear Motion Guideway

Automatic Linear Motion Guideway

Interchangeable linear motion guideways


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Product Details
Lubrication Oil:
Viscosity Of About 30~150cSt
Operating Temperature:
High Rigidity
Track Length:
Load Type:
Heavy Load/overweight Load
Presicion Level:
Lide Rail Fixing Method:
Slider Type/flange Type/quadrilateral
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Product Description

Product Description:

--Linear slide rails, which are four-row single arc-arc contact linear slides, integrate an optimized structure design of the heavy-duty precision linear slides. This design thus elevates the load and stiffness compared to other linear slide rails.


--With direction load characteristics and a self-aligning function, it can absorb assembly errors of the mounting surface and reach requirements for high precision.


--The concept of high speed, high load, high rigidity and high precision has become the trend for industrial product development in the world, and the four-row super-load linear slides correspond to this concept. They are expected to be the mainstream linear slide rails of the future.

Interchangeable Automatic Self Aligning Linear Motion Guideway For Room Temperature 0


--The DF (45°-45°) combination from the circular groove enables elastic deformation of the steel balls and transfer of the contact point, thus creating an effect of automatic self-aligning ability which guarantees a smooth motion with high precision and stability.


--High production precisions allow some series of the linear slides to be of interchangeable size, and with a retainer design, customers can order slips and save storage space.


--Additionally, the four-row circular groove with steel balls at 45 degrees contact angle can make the steel ball reach the ideal two-point contact structure, making sure a high rigidity in all directions. Preload may be applied to further improve rigidity if necessary.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Feature High Rigidity
Lide rail fixing method Locked/lockdown
Track length Max.4000mm
Function Automatic Self-aligning
Precision Roller Guideways
Operating Temperature 0℃--80℃
Bore size 15/20/25/30/35/45/55/65mm
Lubrication oil Viscosity Of About 30~150cSt
Presicion level C/H/P/SP/UP
Working temperature Room Temperature
Four-row single arc-arc contact linear slides Yes
Slide guide rail Yes
Alignment movement Slider Yes


Guiderail: An Essential Machine Tool

--Guiderail is an essential machine tool for producing various industrial products. It has gained increasing popularity in the plastic industry due to rapid development over the past few years. Throughout a variety of industries, guiderail can be found in spray equipment, CNC machine tools, machining centers, electronics, automative machinery, textile machinery, cars, medical equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, and mold opening. The applications are vast and varied.


--For its wide range of usage, guiderail has become indispensable for creating efficient production lines and efficient products. Its user-friendly design and durable construction makes it an important component for many different types of industrial applications. Furthermore, the features and machining accuracy of guiderail allow for seamless operation and safe operation, even in harsh conditions.


--Guiderail is a cost-effective solution for producing industrial products, and its prevalence will only continue to increase as technological advancements are made in the plastic industry. Its versatility and efficiency make it a must-have in many production lines.


Support and Services:

--Linear Roller Guideways are precision engineered products with the highest quality technical support and service available.


--Our team of experienced engineers provide technical assistance with product installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.


--Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide prompt and efficient assistance with any technical issues.


--We provide a range of after-sales services, including product repair and maintenance, spare parts supply, and return merchandise authorization.


--We also offer a range of training courses to help you maximize the efficiency of your Linear Roller Guideways.


--Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products and services. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Interchangeable Automatic Self Aligning Linear Motion Guideway For Room Temperature 1


Linear Roller Guideways

Q1: What is Linear Roller Guideways?

A1: Linear Roller Guideways is a type of linear motion component that is used to provide a smooth and precise linear motion along the line of travel. It consists of a linear bearing and a rail or track. The bearing and the track are designed to work together to provide a high degree of accuracy and smooth motion.

Q2: What are the advantages of Linear Roller Guideways?

A2: Linear Roller Guideways provide a high degree of accuracy and smooth motion due to their precision construction and design. They are also low maintenance, durable, and require minimal lubrication. Furthermore, they can be used in a wide variety of applications, making them highly versatile.

Q3: How do Linear Roller Guideways work?

A3: Linear Roller Guideways work by utilizing a linear bearing and a rail or track. The bearing and the track are designed to work together to provide a high degree of accuracy and smooth motion. The linear bearing consists of a set of rollers that are precisely spaced and aligned with the track. As the rollers move along the track, the bearing is able to provide a smooth and precise linear motion.

Q4: What are the common applications of Linear Roller Guideways?

A4: Linear Roller Guideways are commonly used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial. They are used for applications such as machine tools, robotics, inspection systems, and linear actuators.

Q5: What types of linear tracks are available with Linear Roller Guideways?

A5: Linear Roller Guideways are available in a variety of track types, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. The type of track used depends on the application and the environment in which the component will be used.

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